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Mindset Matters: How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset as a Successful Women in Business...

Do you often feel like a circus act, juggling priorities, always serving yourself last, not enough hours in the day, not feeling heard, a bit of imposter syndrome too, self doubt, playing it safe, confused and overwhelmed by admin, digital marketing or book keeping? And don't even talk to me about having time to catch up with a bunch of like minded women who just get you?

I see you beautiful hearted woman. Don't let your light dim too low for too long, because YOU ARE meant for more than the problems you face. If you are like me then you know your are meant for more in this lifetime and you want to live a life of purpose and in alignment with your values. To contribute good back into the world.

Hi, I'm Tegan Rein and I am a Growth Mindset and Human Behaviour specialist for Women in Business. With over two decade of experience in business and personal development, trust me.... I.. GET... IT!

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Tegan Rein is the go to Mindset Coach for Women in Business

Here is a list of the 5 most common problems either I or my clients need to overcome to have success on our own terms. Bringing awareness to the problems we encounter gives us the starting point to do something about it. 95% of transformation is awareness.

Take a look at the list below and highlight what is real pain point and true for you.

1. Balancing personal and professional responsibilities:

  • Difficulty finding time to prioritize self-care and relationships while building a business

  • Struggling to set boundaries and manage work-life balance effectively

  • Feeling guilty or overwhelmed by competing demands on time and energy

2. Finding a niche and audience:

  • Struggling to differentiate the business and it's message in a crowded market

  • Feeling uncertain about who the most ideal customer is and how to reach them

  • Difficulty standing out and building a strong brand identity

3. Overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs:

  • Feeling like an imposter or doubting abilities to succeed

  • Struggling with fear of failure or rejection

  • Feeling like not belonging or not being taken seriously in the industry or community

4. Financial and operational challenges:

  • Struggling to manage cash flow and revenue streams effectively

  • Difficulty understanding and implementing business systems and processes

  • Feeling overwhelmed by administrative and operational tasks and responsibilities

5. Building meaningful relationships and partnerships:

  • Struggling to find like-minded individuals and organisations that align with my values and vision

  • Feeling isolated or unsupported in my business journey

  • Difficulty building trust and rapport with potential collaborators and partners

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Once you bring your focus towards the problem you can then start to look beyond the problem and address the thinking behind the story you are telling yourself. Remember these are not exclusive to a small population, every business women suffers from one or more of these problems. So knowing that, can you accept that the problems we face are universal? Meaning it is not just you, you are not alone in this problem, many women are also on this journey experiencing the same things.

You are not the problem, your mindset and behaviour in how you respond to these roadblocks, is where your power is. It's time to take back control of the victim mentally and find a better way to up level and learn new skills, to ask for help, to start a new course, to become who you need to be, so you can move forward despite the growing pains of a female entrepreneur.

You are enough, you are already whole and complete and you are exactly where you need to be on this journey to learn the next step you need to take. Seek out role models and examples of other inspirational and empowering women, those who show you, just how they have overcome the area you need to focus on.

Make it your mission to print this list out and check back in on it quarterly so you have the personal development pathway to 'Your Success'. Even better buddy up with another women in business and help each other though, or dare I say it... book in a coaching session :)

If you have any recommendations on resources or role models that other women could go to and check out please leave a comment below and let's help each other. Or if you have a pearl of wisdom or quote that's helped you please drop that in there too.

If you feel you might like to know more about Tegan Rein Coaching coaching, courses or books or simply want to subscribe to my newsletter for more tips on finding your success, head here next:

Wishing you every success in life and business,

Warm regards, Tegan

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