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10 Benefits to get the most out of Networking face to face…

It can be easy to think that if we don't network locally we might not be missing out on anything but I'm here to challenge your mindset and remind you of what you could be missing...

1. Community - being in business for yourself can be a lonely road for some. Getting out and around other go getters who are also challenging themselves on this kind of level can be supportive & inspirational.

2. Stay Relevant & across tools available - Time and time again a chat at an event has sent me googling a new system or tool to use for business, from Facebook messenger bots to ChatGPT, to other local networking groups or training workshops, even just the right connection at just the right time from bookkeeping to legals, to meeting the man who cuts our trees down in readiness for a cyclone season… you have your fingers on the pulse with what is happening right now in real time.

3. Response & Resilience - By being in conversation with your community of problem solvers it means concerns and problems get raised and solved in real time, we get to step away from working in our business and see more the mindset & strategy, the bigger picture.

4. Confidence & Consistency - Takeaways from meet up events stimulate new perspectives and build confidence in finding a better way consistently. Showing up weekly or monthly builds strong relationships, it helps with rapport and trust.

5. Generosity - It builds the muscle of generosity, givers gain, by helping others who we see can benefit from our help sends out a wave of good Karma that when the time is right can result in genuine referrals built off them knowing you are a worthy and that you will deliver a premium service.

6. Personal Growth - As we get more comfortable in our networking tribes we can start to contribute back through helping with organising, promoting events, MC-ing or public speaking. We get to practise articulating what we do on a live audience.

7. Feedback - Quite often as we discuss our businesses and services we also get great feedback, we hear objections, we listen for frequently asked questions, this can help us mature in our businesses or follow the niche we choose.

8. Certainty - Business is not for the faint hearted. It is creative, full of variety & changes daily. Having a set meet up either weekly or monthly can be a great anchor of certainty. This is fantastic for a business owners mindset and also offers a sense of accountability which shouldn’t be needed regularly but can help when life & business are going through challenges at the same times. A sense of calm among the chaos.

9. Fun - Not all of us get time for fun and hobbies when the reality is we run our businesses 24/7, we may have work/life balance but the reality is, that if we are in business, we need to be on top of leads, customer service and are plugged in constantly. Do you want more fun in your life? People who network regularly have more fun, the long time networkers really look forward to their networking events, events are filled with laughter, catching up with old friends, smiles, hand shakes, hugs. There is definately an element of fun.

10. Gratitude - It’s hard not to walk away from any networking event and not have a deep sense of gratitude to its organisers and volunteers that get it going so seemlessly. Being grateful makes us happier people and happier people do better in business.

So there you have it ten benefits to going out there and connecting more with your fellow businesses in your community.

Happy Networking!

(Photo credits: Trading mates)

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