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How Can I Best
Support You?

Tegan Rein is a well studied and practiced Life Coach who offers

1:1 services via online world wide.

Her personalised services include:

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Navigating change

  • Mindset Strengths

  • MINDSET Gap Assessments

  • Vision & Mission

  • Life Purpose & Motivation

  • Discipline & Consistency

  • Accountability

  • Building Resilience

  • Communication & Boundaries

  • Managing Stress

  • Systems & Structure

  • Implementation & priorities

  • Gaining Confidence

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Overcoming Challenges

  • Enhance Relationships


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What is Coaching

A successful coaching partnership is one in which movement towards a client's goals are accelerated far
beyond what the individual could accomplish without the support and feedback from a coach.

Successful coaches and Professional Coaches will have mastered the Core Competencies of Coaching
as established by the International Coaching Guild.

This includes using the Critical Alignment Model to assist clients in establishing
the right environments, systems, implementation strategies and relationships to achieve their goals.


One to One Online Coaching

This is an individual session between you as the client and the coach. A booking is made for zoom session that can go chosen timeframe.


A coach helps the client by listening to their reason for wanting the coaching session. They may be stuck in life, unhappy with their current situation, doing well but not progressing, they may have a big goal they know they could be attaining quicker with some help... whatever the reason the coach listens to the language the client is using to tell the story. They then through experience and using coaching models and questioning techniques, elicit the thinking and strategies behind the story from the client. A coach is ultimately helping the client to have awareness of their mindset and human behaviour.

Coaches can help you in the following ways:

  • Provide clarity and focus on your goals, and help develop the path to achieving them

  • Accountability to be progressing forward toward your defined goals

  • Identify areas of improvement that you may otherwise not realise are holding you back

  • Implement a development a plan that hones in on the skills you need to achieve your goals 


Coaching and mentoring differ. A mentor can help you achieve what they have already achieved. Coaching is a very different approach which keeps the ideas and thinking coming from the way the client see's the world. A coach is not there to change a clients beliefs or system of living, they are their to hold space and curiously listen to the client come up with new ways that will serve themselves to reach the goals they choose. It really needs to be experienced to be full understood.


Group Online Coaching sessions

A group of individuals come together and can be coached on shared topic, shared interests, shared problems or a group goal. The benefits of group coaching far out way 1:1 coaching, transformations occur at a much faster pace. The quote 'The whole is greater than the some of our parts' applies here. 

Imagine a Olympic​ swimming squad. They may get one on one coaching to help with their particular stroke, mindset, habits, etc, however group coaching accelerates the growth and results of the individual because of the team comradery, the healthy competition, the passion and energy of the community and the opportunity to see many examples and possibilities to think and act differently by witnessing their other team members.

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Pro bono coaching

Pro bono means a free coaching session. As many people have not experienced a Professional Coaching session before, a pro bono session allows for a new client to try before they buy. It is also important to find a coach who has the style of coaching you need, by having a first session you can discuss how you want to be coached in an expectations conversation. For example, you may prefer someone with a very direct approach and you may be seeking accountability, alternatively, you may be a seeking nurturing and compassionate style of coaching to help you navigate sensitive topics and emotions. The coach will also take this an an opportunity to decide if they also feel they can serve you in the best way possible.

Group therapy
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Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png

'Have you ever replayed conversations over and over again in your mind, thinking, “If only I had said this, the outcome would be different?” Working with Tegan has enabled me to create new strategies on this behaviour. She helped me develop real, actionable, and resourceful ways to enable me to have confident conversations, the first time. I am now walking away from conversations feeling empowered and proud of how it unfolded.


I loved the way that Tegan was able to keep me focussed on the outcome of each session. I felt seen and heard and fully supported throughout every session. I believe these outcomes will be the change I need to take me from constantly say “I should” to consistently saying “I will”.'

Sheree Burman

Business Owner

Group therapy
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Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png

"Wow just had an awesome coaching session with Tegan. With her already seasoned tool kit and high degree of intuition we embarked on a journey of transformation through the very fabric of my soul. Gosh I have clarity, focus, feel empowered and am ready to roll. I can see where I need to go and have a map to get me way out on the road. Thank you, Tegs, amazing x"

Prema Colleen Clarke

Business Owner

Group therapy
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Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png
Tegan Testimonials.png

If you're looking for some direction and clarity with your business, I would highly recommend Tegan as your business coach. I had many ideas that I had trouble bringing together cohesively, and Tegan assisted me to solidify my goals. She gave me practical tools and resources that I found very useful. She is also very warm and compassionate and gave me the confidence to move forward with my business. I feel much better clearer and inspired after our session and I finally have a way forward. Booking a call with Tegan is an investment in yourself and your business "

Fiona Carney

Business Owner

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