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Tegan Rein Coaching is grateful to work with incredible clients.

Here are some testimonials with a broad range of transformational change across

professional, business and personal sessions.

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What Others Are Sharing

Fiona Carney.png

If you're looking for some direction and clarity with your business, I would highly recommend Tegan as your business coach. I had many ideas that I had trouble bringing together cohesively, and Tegan assisted me to solidify my goals. She gave me practical tools and resources that I found very useful. She is also very warm and compassionate and gave me the confidence to move forward with my business.

I feel much clearer and inspired after our session and I finally have a way forward. Booking a call with Tegan is an investment in yourself and your business.

Fiona Carney
Business Owner


How would you summarise working together?

It’s been very helpful and its not something I have ever had experience with, I have never had a coach for a full 6 sessions. It’s been really great developing this relationship with somebody and I genuinely really enjoyed the whole experience and the progress I have made. I’ve got it on paper now and that wasn’t realistic 2 months ago for me


Does Tegan have any qualities that you think make a great coach?

Yes, she is very caring, she also has a very maternal, nurturing feeling, very very genuine and authentic. She really cares about people’s progression throughout the coaching journey.

Nicola Gunning
Business Owner

Kirsty Vertical.png

I will certainly be inviting Tegan back again as her time is invaluable! 

I invited Tegan into my monthly women's group session to support us with gaining clarity on our values and the importance they have on our life. Each woman felt clear and uplifted post our session. Tegan is a breath of fresh air, has personal experience that is relatable, holds a high level of professionalism and is extremely grounded in her approach.

Kirsty Targrass


Professional Coach | Tegan Rein

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