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Dream it, Believe it, Create it!


Come and join Tegan and Karen as they map out their 1st vision board of the year.


This is a Vision Board tutorial that will guide you through creating your vision board, in this training you will learn:


- A downloadable pdf created by Karen to support you on your journey;

- What to materials to use;

- What questions to ask yourself;

- How to get started, when you dont know how by breaking down you goals into the 8 areas of life to consider;

- 16 questions following the DARE Life coaching model to help you Design, Access, Realise and Evolve to bring your vision to life;

- Watch as Karen & Tegan create their own vision boards on Camera to give you examples to inspire and motivate you to do yours;


To acces your downloadable pdf created by Karen to support you on your journey, please visit and access the pdf there.


Karen Ward:

Karen is a well respected businesswomen and networker in Cairns. Her compassionate, empathetic and warm heart makes her very popular among the community, she was also nominated as a Cairns Regional Council's International Women's Day Award. Her business, 'Drops of Vitality' helps many to find solutions to problems with their health through the use of therapeutic grade Doterra essential oils. 


Tegan Rein:

Tegan has over 20 years experience in the personal development industry, she is also an author of 2 books, her last book went Amazon Best Seller in 5 categories. She specialises in helping people become more empowered in Business, Leadership & Life. Tegan is an accredited coach completing over 400 hours in the past 18 months alone 1-2-1 with clients.

Vision Board Workshop with Tegan & Karen (PLEASE also select the PDF below)

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