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Which Thinking Archetype Am I?

Discover your Meta Dynamics™ Thinking Style Profile & gain powerful insights into why you do what you do in business & in life

Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential

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Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you lead by example with precision & passion, create vibrant cultures, and develop extraordinary people

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Hello, I'm Tegan Rein I am so pleased

to welcome you to my website.

I specialise these days in helping people to achieve their goals. I also have multiple award nominations and have written a couple of books over the past decade in the Life Coaching arena, which gives me the unique advantage of helping you overcome any

obstacle and achieve your dreams.

What really excites me is seeing my clients tick off their bucket lists.

I tend to attract 2 types of clients, those really struggling and frozen in their decision making & actions and the others who are already doing everything right but just can't seem to get the results they want... they need help to find out what it is they are missing. Sometimes we need someone outside of ourselves to hold up a mirror to help us see our gaps. 


Start your journey by clicking on the free quiz below valued at $297. 

This is a 32 mini quiz that will give you an insight into your natural strengths, on completion

you will discover if your Thinking Archetype is a Visionary, Architect, Dynamo or Collaborator.

If we naturally use one of these pillars more than another in the way we think then we can have gaps show up in our mindset strategies and actions. This quiz will educate you on where your gaps are and how to personally develop and grow into all you were born to be.

For example if you are a natural Visionary, you might be great at focusing on the big picture but not great at the systems, discipline and consistency that is really required to gain momentum.


If you are great at thinking in structure (Architect archetype) you might be introverted and not keen to work with others letting your results do the talking... but this them effects your relationships with yourself and others.


If you are a the implementor (Dynamo archetype) you might be struggling with work/ life balance and needing to set stronger boundaries and get clear on how to work smarter and not harder. 


If you are the outgoing socialising & collaborator type, you might be spending all your time networking and giving to the community, spreading yourself thin and pouring from an empty cup,

not allowing enough time for yourself.


We are all so completely different, and this quiz can give you insights into who you are, how you think and what you are avoiding. The magic trick is to lean into the areas we aren't the best at do the work to personally develop and enhance our life skills.  

It is time to get curious and discover the secret to your happiness. 

It is time to stop surviving and start thriving in the life of your dreams.

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What Others Are Sharing

Elisabeth Rose Ann Maree.png

 I have worked with Tegan as my business mentor for the past 4 months and could not recommend her more highly. She has helped me worked through resistance, tune into and develop a structure for my business that enables me to maintain a good work & life balance and has been the cheerleader I really needed along the way.

If you are wanting to move forward with your life purpose, receive guidance and support in your personal life and stay on track towards achieving long term goals, I highly recommend getting in touch with Tegan! 

Elisabeth Rose Ann Maree

Business Owner

Prema Colleen Clarke_edited.jpg

Wow just had an awesome coaching session with Tegan. With her already seasoned tool kit and high degree of intuition we embarked on a journey of transformation through the very fabric of my soul. Gosh I have clarity, focus, feel empowered and am ready to roll.

I can see where I need to go and have a map to get me way out on the road. Thank you, Tegs, amazing x 

Prema Colleen Clarke

Business Owner

Fiona Carney.png

If you're looking for some direction and clarity with your business, I would highly recommend Tegan as your business coach. I had many ideas that I had trouble bringing together cohesively, and Tegan assisted me to solidify my goals. She gave me practical tools and resources that I found very useful. She is also very warm and compassionate and gave me the confidence to move forward with my business.

I feel much clearer and inspired after our session and I finally have a way forward. Booking a call with Tegan is an investment in yourself and your business.

Fiona Carney
Business Owner




Hi, I’m Tegan

I’m a Soulpreneur, Growth Mindset Specialist, Facilitator & Author helping people like you learn to take full responsibility for their lives, level up from good to great, and go on to live an extraordinary life. 

Whether you’re looking to make a big change in life... whether you want to become all you know you can, or simply want to connect with like-minded people…

I am here to help you unlock your best self.

I trust this is the beginning of us getting to know one another, and I look  forward to how our journeys will unfold…


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